I have collected my currently available albums on this page. I will try to publish soundtrack versions of my already made game soundtracks in the near future.

Good Mourning (2023)

Soundtrack for the game “Good Mourning”. The game is about life, death and choices. The soundtrack was created around the atmosphere of the game, directed by Juho Kuorikoski and published by Platonic Partnership in 2021.

Piggy (2013)

Danish animation. Director: R.S. Söderström.

Bekas (2012)

My first feature film work. Director: Karzan Kader.

Chansons de Cul: L’Histoire de Sophie et Immanuel  (2008)

As an art project, we made a fake-French chanson album with my friend Oona Airola. We were both intrigued by French as language, but neither of us could speak it.