Bekas – my first feature film work

As the final thesis of my master’s degree, I composed the score music for the short film Bekas, directed by Karzan Kader. Our film competed for the student Oscars title in Los Angeles. The winner of the competition was to receive a place in the real Oscar competition. Eventually we came second to a Norwegian short film.

Bekas was later made into a feature film version and released in 2012. This became my first feature film work as a film composer. We recorded the string sections in the studio with 11 string players. I always like to conduct the studio sessions myself. Studio days are indeed one of the funniest days in the profession of a film composer. A large group of skilled musicians gather together and suddenly a greater sum emerges from the compositions.

The string sections were recorded at Atlantis Studio in Stockholm. I had a look at the list of bands that had previously recorded at the studio and was really impressed by the history of the place. Bekas string sections were recorded by Alar Suurna, who has recorded for example some of Roxette‘s big hits.

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“It is a great pleasure to work with Juhana, both as a sound designer mixing his multi-faceted music into a movie, computer game or VR installation, and as a co-composer to be infected by his sensitivity and always positive team spirit.”

Boris Laible / Sound designer & Composer

The music, which skillfully deepens the mood of the film and convincingly breathes the local color, was composed by the Finnish Juhana Lehtiniemi. (translated)

Lähde: Bekas-arvostelu / Ilta-Sanomat

“The music was so good, awesome blend to portray the adventures, along with the two great performances, ignited the movie to emerge as a pleasant family entertainer.”

Lähde: Bekas-arvostelu / IMDb

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