Lydia – Award winning game about alcoholism

The black and white and sad world of the Lydia game was inspiring to set the mood with music. At that time, I had just acquired a software suitable for making very long echoes – Valhalla Vintageverb. We talked together about the sound of the game’s music. At the meeting, I demonstrated my idea that the basis of the sound would be only one piano note and a huge reverberation chamber, which would eventually start to distort in some way. I remember that others were instantly excited when they heard the demo. The song ended up in the game almost as is. This is how Lydia’s menu music was born.

The Lydia game was awarded the Creative Achievement of the Year at the Finnish Game Awards gala and the Pelit-magazine Kyöpeli awards 2017. Alko released the Finnish version of Lydia as a free mobile game as part of its 2018 campaign.

Watch music trailer

Images and video:

Watch Lydia’s gameplay video and get to know the atmosphere – the menu music mentioned in the text is at the beginning!

“Lydia is an important game, not just because it broaches an important subject matter, but for how it uses its art direction, music, and storytelling to highlight the issues it’s bringing to our attention.”


Excellent soundtrack!


“Just like the graphical design of the game, the soundscape fits perfectly into the dark atmosphere of every scene. The background music can be tense but also melancholic, just like Lydia.”


Image: Henri Tervapuro

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