We produced and scripted a sketch series under the title PUTKI with actor Miska Kajanus.

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Lemmikki-musical was my first musical script and also the longest play I had written up to that point. Lemmikki premiered at Helsinki’s Kellariteatteri in 2015. Oona Airola, Annamaria Karhulahti and Annuliina Ikäheimo acted and sang in the lead roles.

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What happened to Gro Janovich?

My first full-length musical will be completed in the spring of 2024, aiming for the premiere in the spring of 2025. The is a take on the topic of exhaustion, growing old and accepting one’s past in the style of an adventure comedy.


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I have always been interested in stories and I can admit that I am a big consumer of series and movies. During the corona years, I became particularly interested in the techniques of drama writing. In the mornings, I wrote through the exercises in the exercise book called “Sata Sivua” – I can strongly recommend it! I’m really interested in why people say things and what drives them to actions and actions. I am currently investigating this matter also from a practical perspective through improvisation theater in the Impro Helsinki training group and in hobby groups.

Writing naturally fits into most of my domains. Over the years, I have scripted short plays at Kellariteatteri and scripts for clients’ video productions. Together with the actor Miska Kajanus, we also produced sketch video entertainment under the title PUTKI. I am currently developing my drama skills with character and dialogue writing courses and writing my third musical.

We teamed up with actor Miska Kajanus and started our own sketch series in 2015. We published sketches at a fast pace on the series’ own website. The starting point of the series was, in addition to experimental comedy, to get a platform and visibility for your own work. For Miska as an actor and for myself as a video producer and screenwriter.

During the production of the PUTKI series, in addition to me and Miska, e.g. Iida Niini Kaarina Vartia, Minttu Pietilä and Pyry Äikaa.

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Blind date Laws of Karma Jari and Minna - Snapchat

Other scriptwriting work

  • OTE project (2014), writing and producing teacher-themed sketch videos for a client
  • PUTKI (2015), writing, shooting and editing 20 sketches
  • Lemmikki-musical (2015), writing and composing the 35-minute musical
  • Dialogitaitajat-project (2016), sketch video script and video production
  • Studio Star (2017), writing three pilot episodes of the animated series
  • What Happened to Gro Janovich (2023), writing a full-length musical script