video production

Flexible video production

Thanks to the small size of both equipment and team, I am able to produce cinematic quality content cost-effectively.

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video production

Video comedy on commission

Together with the client, we scripted communication breakdown situations at workplaces into three short comedy videos.

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video production

Concept pilot: Everyday Hero

I wrote and produced a pilot of a mystery series. The main character of the series wakes up next to an unknown person and becomes absorbed in the activities of a mysterious organization called “Magician’s Hat”. A comedic musical style was chosen as the implementation concept, where the main character raps the entire event.

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video production

Streaming of Rakli’s “Green Homes” webinar

We streamed the energy saving seminar aimed at the general public of Green Homes and Rakli ry.

Video production

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  • Blacmagic Pocket Cinema Camera (HD)
  • 2 x Hedler 1000W light, umbrella and reflector
  • Zoom H6 sound recorder, boom+Rode stick mic
  • 3 x Rode Wireless GO series wireless microphone
  • Final Cut Pro X

I got excited about video production in connection with my film music studies in 2008. At the film school I saw a lot of talented filmmakers and that’s where I picked up my first lessons. Later I acquired my own filming equipment and now I have more than five years of experience in professional video production. I started with short film production, after which I have also made various interviews, lecture videos and event streaming. My experience, especially as a screenwriter, helps in planning video projects with the client.

I specialize in cinematic videography using a film camera and color grading. In this way, I can offer a production a unique appearance. Together with my colleague Viivi Myllylä we have also made videos and streaming e.g. for the Finnish Bar Association and Rakli ry. Due to the small size of our field equipment, our team is particularly agile.

Scriptwriting as an essential part of the production

The scriptwriting phase of the video is just as important as its technical implementation. The benefits of my diversity in multiple areas are especially emphasized in projects where the client approaches with an abstract theme and wants to crystallize it together first into a concrete script or story.

In the “Dialogitaitaja”-project, the client approached with a few challenging communication situations picked up from workplaces. We wanted to put these situations in a sketch comedy -like form and underline the conflict that occurred in the situations and the lack of communication skills. The end result was three videos, which ended up putting the spotlight on the unreasonable reaction strength of the other side of the situations. The “no coffee” example is one of these situations.

In another project, the client wanted to highlight situations where the novelty or difficulty of technology could sometimes become an obstacle to teaching. Together with the client, we came up with four sketch comedy videos, in which a teachers of different trades get in a pickle with technology. The videos had to be made in such a way that the main character does not become the target of ridicule, but rather arouses sympathy and identification.

Humor is a really difficult sport. Maybe that’s why planning it is so ticklish. When something succeeds, it’s really rewarding.

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Other video works

  • OTE project (2014), writing and producing technology-related instructional videos and sketch comedy videos for the client
  • Vieraat (2014), filming and editing of the series concept pilot for the improvisation group Kolina
  • PUTKI (2015), writing, shooting and editing nearly 20 sketches
  • Nordic Sounds (2017), video recording and editing of tens of songs for an e-book website
  • Real estate owners and developers Rakli ry webinar streaming (2023)
  • Streaming and video work for the Finnish Bar Association (2022 and 2023)

Case study

We teamed up with actor Miska Kajanus and started our own sketch series in 2015. We published sketches at a fast pace on the series’ own website. The starting point of the series was, in addition to experimental comedy, to get a platform and visibility for your own work. For Miska as an actor and for myself as a video producer and screenwriter.

During the production of the PUTKI series, in addition to me and Miska, e.g. Iida Niini Kaarina Vartia, Minttu Pietilä and Pyry Äikaa.

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Blind date Laws of Karma Jari and Minna - Snapchat