Shadow of a Rose – my first musical score

I was studying pop/jazz piano in Jyväskylä in 2005. My friend suggested that Sinfis, the symphony orchestra of the University of Jyväskylä was looking for a composer for a new musical. I had never made commissioned compositions of this scale before, let alone arranged for a symphony orchestra.

I was chosen based on the demo I made and ended up composing more than an hour of music to the text written by Antti Viitamäki. I sat in the school cafeteria all day, reading orchestral arrangement guides and making arrangements for musical compositions.

I enjoyed immeasurably arranging and studying it, but despite that, I was glued to my jazz piano studies at the time because of some stubborn thought. However, encouraged by the musical’s conductor Satu Simola, I eventually decided to study composing professionally.

Shadow of a Rose (“Ruusun Varjo” in Finnish) was a big turning point for me and led me to pursue what brings me the most joy both as work and as a hobby. In addition, it spawned many friendships that have remained in life until now.

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