Composition of a three-part mini-series “Raja”

The most stressful part of film composition work is almost always “finding the sound” at the beginning: everything is possible and nothing is locked in yet. I’ve noticed a pattern: I’ve often had some kind of loose idea “would it be fun to try making this kind of music” for some while, or alternatively, I’ve just acquired some new music software that I want to try in practice. Then when a work opportunity presents itself, I often try to see if the idea fits.

In the case of the Raja series, I had just acquired XLN Audio’s Addictive Keys -software. I often use presets that come with the programs to speed up my work –  i.e. sounds that someone has already pre-built to show off the softwares capabilities. These work as really good starting points and that happened in this case as well: I remember the sound was a processed Rhodes electric piano that was bit out of tune. I made a demo with this sound and the director Hanna Maylett liked it. The main sound of the series was built on top of this and can also be heard in the trailer video.

Images and videos:

Raja was a three-part drama series produced by YLE based on Riikka Pulkkinen’s book of the same name.

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