Music and media production for almost 20 years

Film composer

I have composed film music for over 16 years. My education is a master’s degree in film composition. If I had to pick a superpower, it would be expertise in combining genres and writing musicals!

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Game composer

Knowing music genres and being able to use them is a big advantage in game music. I have written the music for most of Platonic Partnership’s games since 2017.

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Musical composer

Musicals are a wonderful way to tell a story where real people can become animation-like characters. I currently writing my third musical.

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Video production

I like to script the production in cooperation with the client. I have written and produced short films, event videos and streaming.

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2D animator

I fell in love with animation during my film music studies. I’ve animated commercial videos and animation series. My special expertise is in 2D character animation.

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*In addition to the skills mentioned above, I have also been scriptwriting for a long time, and have six years of programming experience with Unity (two with Angular). These skills are useful, for example, in various cross-artistic projects, such as commissioned applications, creating game experiences or installations.

Film and game music with more than 16 years of expertise

I graduated in 2008 as a composer from Birmingham City University, England, and then a master’s degree in film composition from the Royal College of Musics in Stockholm in 2010. I enjoy creating and combining different music genres. I especially appreciate projects that tell fascinating stories in unexpected settings. This explains why one of my favorite TV series of all time is Twin Peaks.

In addition to film and game music, I have composed theater and circus performances and three musicals.

Film composer Game composer

Film and Game composer showreel

Samples from my career as a film and game composer

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Music for Franky Five Star -feature film

We composed the music for a German feature film together with actor/musician Oona Airola. The basis for the soundtrack was a song called “Larifari”, which we used as a source for different adaptations.

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Folk music for the game Hyperdrive Inn

The soundtrack is based on a couple of main melodic themes. I’ve used these themes in over 10 different genres and their combinations.

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Composing for the award-winning Lydia-game

In 2017, our game studio Platonic Partnership released a game called Lydia. The game is about growing up in an alcoholic family, experienced through the eyes of a child. The game won “The Best Creative Achievement” and “People’s Choice Game of the Year” awards. Alko released the game as an exclusive mobile version in the app stores in 2018.

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Short films, video production and animation series

We co-wrote a series of videos with a client. The videos highlighted dialogue skills shortcomings in workplaces through humorous situations. In addition to video production, we also do event streaming with my colleague Viivi Myllylä.

During my school days, I also got very excited about 2D animation. There was something magical about it. I’ve made and implemented animations on top of the video, e.g. Instrumentarium’s Someoptikko campaign and animated an entire animated series pilot. I am currently writing and planning a new animated children’s series.

Video production Animation production

Screen captures from different kinds of productions

Passion for writing musicals

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I was studying to become a jazz pianist in Jyväskylä in 2005. My friend who played in the symphony orchestra of the University of Jyväskylä mentioned that the orchestra was looking for a commissioned composer for a new musical. I had never composed orchestral music before. However, I applied and was selected based on the demo I wrote. I composed the musical Ruusun Varjo to the text of Antti Viitamäki. I learned orchestral arrangement and, inspired by musical work, I switched to composition studies.

During my film music studies I became interested in writing stories and started writing. In 2015, I wrote my first stage play for a musical called Lemmikki.